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Mimiko is a new startup focusing on children. Based on knowledge of Maria Montessori and her principles we encourage children to play and use Mimiko products how they want to. The brand aims to provide kids with furniture and toys that are open to different forms of activity. Mimiko Seat is a crossover between toy and furniture. Kids play with it like with a big teddy bear, they roll it, sit on it or do whatever they want. Mimiko Seat has convex surface on the bottom and it is rocking playfully encouraging children to move. Early adopted habits of moving while seated can help strengthen core muscles and prevent scoliosis.


When it's time to clean the seat, cover can be easily unzipped on the bottom. Seams on the sides are completely flat and highest quality, YKK zipper has a zipper garage and it is hidden under the material flaps.

Choosing the best materials require lot of attention. We use two different weaving patterns to ensure even stretch over the shape of the seat. Fabrics are safe for children, durable and easy to clean.


We went through series of workshops to describe our proto-persona and better understand children needs and what parents are looking for when they choose products for their little ones.


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